Ironmongery is great for both household and industrial use, since it can be used to create dependable and secure fittings. The variety of accessories that an ironmonger may produce includes hinges, locks, knobs, and more.

Our range of ironmongery includes:

  • Door handles - a both functional and decorative fitting used to open and close doors
  • Hinges - connect a door to its frame, allowing it to swing open and closed
  • Brackets – a fixing that provides a strong and secure join between materials
  • Sliding bolts – a simple fitting that allows a door to be locked from one side
  • Gate fittings - hooks, latches, springs and more to accompany exterior gates
  • Window furniture – fittings to keep windows open or closed
  • Door furniture and cupboard accessories – accompaniments for doors such as locks, catches, and knobs
  • Cylinders, sash and deadlocks – the locking mechanisms seen on most interior and exterior doors
  • Chain and wire rope – used for lifting and holding heavy weights, these have high load capacity and tensile strength
  • Padlocks – locking units for protecting property and valuables
  • Cabin hooks – hooks used to hold doors or gates open
  • Pulleys – small mechanisms that allow a rope, belt, or cord to change direction of movement
  • Hasp and staple – high security locking fittings

We are constantly adding products to this range, so if there is a product that you are searching for and cannot find please do contact us.

In recent years, more and more people have been looking to include ironmongery in their projects as a result of a resurgence in traditional 20th century metal work. Previously limited purely to the production of iron items, the name “ironmongery” has come to apply to the production of steel, aluminium, brass, and other materials.

If you have any questions about our wide range of ironmongery products, take a look at our guides and tips section. We have expert advice, product information, and installation guides to help you with your project from start to finish.

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