Washers are small, usually flat metal components that are most commonly used alongside a nut and bolt.

Washers serve two main purposes. Most washers are used to spread the load applied by the head of the nut or the bolt over a wider area, but some are also used to prevent the fastener in question from becoming loose.

Flat washers are also occasionally used as spacers, they are useful for this purpose if the bolt being used is slightly too long for the application in question.

Our washers come in a variety of forms, each of which are available in a range of finishes. The various types of washers are as follows.

  • Flat Washers – Common or garden circular metal washers, available in a huge variety of forms, sizes and finishes.
  • Repair Washers – Washers with a large outside diameter often used on weak or damaged surfaces
  • Spring Washers – A type of locking washer that features a split in the washer section itself.
  • Shakeproof Washers – Serrated, anti-vibration locking washers commonly used in the electrical industry.
  • Nord-lock Washers – Innovative locking washers that work as a matched pair. Superbly engineered and popular in a variety of industrial applications.
  • Taper Washers – Commonly used on tapered steel joists to give a level seating
  • Square Washers – Used as an alternative to traditional round washers when a larger clamping surface is required to spread the load
  • Crinkle Washers – A wave shaped anti-vibration washer used when only light pressure may be applied to the item being clamped
  • Starlock Washers – Push-on serrated washers commonly used on pram and pushchair axles

More details are available on each of these types of washers within the relevant subsections, but if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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