Shoulder Screws

Socket shoulder screws, or stripper bolts as they’re sometimes called, are a precision made, high-strength screw. They are a heat-treated alloy steel screw that are used for a wide variety of applications in a variety of sectors.

Featuring a cylindrical head, socket shoulder screws use a hex drive which can be fastened with the use of an Allen key or a screwdriver with hexagonal insert bits.

What size socket shoulder screw do I need?

The measurements of a socket shoulder screw differ from other types of fasteners and is something that many people can often get wrong. The larger number of the size will refer to the shoulder diameter. The length measurement refers to the shoulder length only, starting from beneath the head – it does not include the threaded portion of the screw.

For example a socket shoulder screw measurement as follows: 12mm x M10 x 40 translates as 12mm diameter shoulder which is 40mm long with an M10 (10mm) threaded diameter.

This should always be double-checked prior to making an order. Our friendly team are always happy to help if you are unsure of your requirements.

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