Threaded Rod

What is Threaded Rod

Contrary to its name Threaded Rod is a metal bar, most commonly made from mild steel that has a helical thread all the way along its length which resembles a screw. Our Threaded Rod is available in a variety of different thread types; Metric, Metric Fine, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF and BSP. When it comes to finishes, we offer the popular stainless steel threaded rods as well as brass, zinc plated and more.

Please peruse our range to read more specific information about each type and check out our Guides and Tips section for additional advice and FAQs.

Customers should note that Threaded Rod is a product that has a lot of alternative names, and may be referenced as Threaded Bar, Rod Thread and Studding.

How to correctly use Threaded Rod

Threaded Rods are generally installed in areas where they are subjected to high levels of tension and pressure. There are a variety of different applications, including connecting two materials and adding stability to various construction structures by tying them together. Building, plumbing, engineering, mining, agriculture and marine are all industries that commonly use Threaded Bar.

Two lengths of Metric Threaded Rod can be joined together by using Threaded Rod Connector Nuts (or Long Nuts as they are sometimes called).

Full lengths can be cut as required; you can find additional information on this topic in our Guides and Tips article ‘How to cut Threaded Rod’.

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