Security Woodscrews

Our security woodscrews are a one-way clutch head screw for use in wood or with plastic plugs. They come in a zinc-plated finish. Security woodscrews use a standard slotted screwdriver for the installation but due to the clever design of the head, they can only be turned one way (tightened). If any attempt is made to unscrew the clutch head, the screwdriver head will immediately slip out.

Did you know?

The Clutch Head Screw was probably the world’s first security type fastener to be mass produced!

Security Screws are simply a variation on our normal types of screws but with a tamper-proof head. They are also sometimes known as Anti-Theft Screws.

Whilst the body of the screw looks identical to a normal screw, the head has a pattern that cannot be undone with a slotted, Phillips or pozidrive screwdriver or bit.

Why use Self-Tapping Screws?

Self-Tapping Screws usually referred to as Self-Tappers, are screws for use when fastening to metal or plastic. The main difference with Self-Tappers is that they eliminate the need for pre-drilling a hole as a separate operation.

All that is required to insert a Self-Tapper is a pilot or punched hole to introduce the screw. They then form their own thread as the screw is driven into position. Once inserted, Self-Tapping Screws may be removed and re-used.

Security Screws are generally used to deter removal (often for safety purposes) or to prevent theft. They are commonly found in public conveniences, schools, prisons; on cars, boats, public transport; and in electrical items.

We stock a Security Bit Set that covers all the popular Security Screw head types.

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