Construction Fasteners

In this section you will find a range of construction fasteners commonly used by contractors, builders and developers.

These types of fasteners fall into five main categories;

  • Screw Bolts - A multi-fix bolt that uses self-tapping technology rather than expansion to provide a stress-free fixing.
  • Concrete screws – Torx Headed screws now used in place of traditional masonry fixings
  • Expanding Anchors – A range of fixings that use expansion forces to fix items into various types of concrete and masonry. Choose from through bolts, sleeve anchors, shield anchors, hammer screws, nylon frame anchors and drop in anchors.
  • Cavity Fixings – A range of fasteners used to attach items to hollow panels, cavity walls and ceilings where the fixing penetrates through the back of the substrate.
  • Timber Connectors - Double-sided spiked washers for securely bolting pieces of timber together.
  • Chemical Resins - Used when fastening to concrete and other such substrates, usually when a higher degree of flexibility is required. They are commonly used in conjunction with fasteners such as sleeve anchors or drop-in anchors.

More details on each of these ranges can be found on the relevant category and product pages. If you need any further information, please contact us.

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