Self Clinching Studs

About our Self-Clinching Studs:

Self-Clinching Studs (also known as Clinch Bolts or Clinch Pins), are used to provide a male thread on a sheet material without welding. We stock a wide range including PEM Self-Clinching Studs; all our products have a flush head and are available in zinc-plated or stainless finishes.

How to use Self-Clinching Studs:

Self-Clinching Studs are installed by drilling an appropriately sized hole in the sheet material, inserting the stud, and then compressing it into place using a press. The underside of the stud has teeth that, under the pressure of the press, sink into the sheet metal and grip it. This grip then provides resistance against any rotational forces when a female thread is connected on to the stud.


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