HSS Drill Bits

HSS stands for High Speed Steel. HSS drill bits are also commonly called twist drills or jobber drill bits.

They are used to drill various materials including wood, metal and plastics.

Our Presto brand of HSS drills is available in most sizes coated in TiN, an acronym for Titanium Nitride, which is a very hard and durable ceramic material.

We also stock Presto HSS drill bits in a long series, where extra length in the bit is required.

A super strong cobalt version is also available for drilling harder materials such as stainless steel.

For hole sizes greater than 13mm we stock HSS Blacksmith drills, by Addax. These versatile drill bits have a shank that is reduced to 12.5mm, enabling them to be used in drills with a standard 13mm or ½” chuck.

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