Gate Latches

We supply a variety of gate latches, including:

  • Suffolk latches – also known as thumb latches, these traditional latches feature a handle and thumb that, when depressed, raises the bar on the other side of the gate, allowing it to open
  • Ring gate latches – the most commonly used way to secure a garden gate or shed door, these latches are operable from both sides of gates and doors
  • Automatic latches – these clever latches use gravity to lock into place – the weight of the gate secures the latch arm using a metal catch, meaning you do not have to manually secure the latch to close it
  • Long throw gate locks - the long throw bolt and sturdy construction of these locks make them highly resistant to tampering, making them a preferred choice for locations where the integrity of the gate's security is critical.

Our locking gate latches are available in black and BZP finishes.

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CODE: I-1905

178mm - Suffolk Latch 20/2 - Black
£4.66 £5.59

CODE: I-1907

178mm - Suffolk Latch 20/2 - BZP
£5.70 £6.84

CODE: I-1909

150mm - Ring Gate Latch - Black
£4.92 £5.90

CODE: I-1987

51mm - Auto Gate Latch 1819 - Black
£1.92 £2.30

CODE: I-1989

150mm - Ring Gate Latch - BZP
£2.98 £3.58
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8 Items