A nut is a type of threaded fastener that screws on to a male thread and uses the forces of compression and friction to do its job.

We stock a huge range of different types of nuts for all sorts of applications from domestic to engineering and automotive.

In this section you will find the following types of nuts;

  • Full Nuts – the common and garden standard hexagonal nut.
  • Locknuts – Thin nuts that are used to lock full nuts in position. Sometimes called jam nuts.
  • Nyloc Nuts – self-locking nuts that utilise a clever nylon collar to do their job.
  • Wingnuts – Nuts that are designed to be tightened without the need for tools.
  • Domenuts – Decorative nuts that hide the ends of the thread to which they are attached.
  • Studding Connector Nuts – Extended hexagon nuts often used to connect lengths of studding.
  • Tee Nuts – Pronged nuts for flush fitting commonly used in the furniture industry.
  • Metal Self Locking Nuts – Sometimes called stiff nuts, they do what they say on the tin. Choose from five different leading brands.
  • Castle Nuts – Used on Axles in conjunction with locking pins or clips.
  • Slotted Nuts -Work the same as castle nuts but unlike castle nuts the diameter of the castellated section is not reduced.
  • Flange Nuts – Hexagon full nuts with an integrated washer.
  • Square Roofing Nuts – Made to fit on roofing bolts.
  • Weld Nuts – Nuts that are made to be welded to another object.
  • Durlok Nuts – High-grade anti-vibration nuts.
  • Cage Nuts – A square nut with spring loaded wings, designed to be installed and held within an opening or hole.
  • Channel Nuts – Often called Unistrut nuts and designed to be held captive within a metal channel.

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