Rivet Bushes - Round

About Round Rivet Bushes:

Round Rivet Bushes are a variety of Rivet Bushes (which are commonly called Hank Bushes). They are known for their protruding spigot and round body and are used to provide a permanent female thread in thin or hard sheet metals without the need for welding. They are indispensable when working with certain types of Rivnuts and Pop Rivets.

How to use Round Rivet Bushes:

A hole the same size as the spigot is drilled in the sheet material, and the sheet is placed over the Rivet Bush, with the spigot protruding and the underside of the sheet resting on the round body of the bush. The top of the spigot is then “peened” over - worked using either a hammer or a press. This creates a flange which compresses the sheet from the top, forcing it onto the serrations on the top of the round body which then bite into the sheet.

This spigot of the Hank Rivet Bush varies in length depending on the thickness of the material that is being fastened on to.

Our Rivet Bushes are available in either a round, tank or a hexagon pattern, and come in a choice of self-colour, zinc-plated or stainless steel.

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