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Socket button head screws, or often just referred to as socket buttons, are a round, dome headed screws featuring a hex drive. Hex drive screws are fastened with the use of an Allen key of a screwdriver with hexagon drive bits.

Due to the low-profile dome shape to the head, these types of screws can also be referred to as dome screws or round head screws. The shank is threaded throughout, from the head to the tip.

The shape is often sought after for a decorative finish but also for safety as there are no sharp or pointed edges.

We stock socket buttons in grade 10.9 tensile steel although it is worth noting that stainless steel in A2 and A4 are not grade 10.9. They are also manufactured in both imperial and metric standards.

About BA Thread

BA thread (British association) is a rarely used thread that was once commonly found on small instruments and models. Still sparingly used in some industries such as metering equipment manufacturing and optical equipment.

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