Machine Screws - Slotted Countersunk - Metric

A machine screw is a type of screw that is commonly used in industrial and manufacturing applications to secure components within engines, electronic products and general machinery.

Countersunk machine screws are designed for installation in countersunk holes to enable them to sit flush within the finished surface. This type of fastener should be installed with a flat-bladed screwdriver or bit.

They are available in zinc plated, brass and stainless-steel finishes.

About Metric Thread

The most common thread type in production today. Usually specified as M then a number x another number. This signifies the thread diameter and the length of the fastener.

For example, M4 x 30 means that the major thread diameter (the external distance across the outside of the thread) is 4mm and the length is 30mm. Length is usually measured from the underside of the fastener head.

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