Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry bits have a hardened, arrowhead shaped point for drilling into stone, brick, blockwork or concrete.

Masonry bits are commonly used with hammer action drills, which combine high speed rotation with vibration to break up the substrate. The fluted section of the drill is designed to remove the dust particles that are created by the drilling action.

We stock standard straight shank masonry bits for standard chucks, and SDS bits for SDS chucks.

SDS stands for slotted drive system, referring to the grooves on the shaft of the drill bit. These slots snap into the chuck of an SDS drill and locate the drill bit onto sprung ball bearings within the chuck, enabling the bit to move backwards and forwards smoothly when driven by the hammer action of the SDS drill.

Our Addax SDS drill bits are PGM approved and marked. PGM is a certification that confirms that hammer drill bits are safe for use with anchor fixings.

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