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Grease nipples are small but very important fittings used in automotive and other mechanical systems to enable lubricant to be fed into the system. As the name suggest, the lubricant is usually grease.

Grease nipples contain a sprung ball bearing inside the nipple body. When a grease gun is connected to the grease nipple and pressure applied, the bearing compresses to allow the lubricant to flow into the joint.

UNF stands for Unified National Fine. It is a common imperial thread type with more threads per axial distance than its UNC equivalent.

Unified thread types (UNF and UNC) were introduced at the beginning of World War 2 to enable the interchangeability of machinery manufacturing between the USA, Canada and Great Britain. Still commonly found on a vast array of old machines and vehicles in the UK, UNF and UNC threads continue to be the standard thread in the USA and Canada.

We stock a wide range of grease nipples in straight, 45 degree and 90 degree configurations. They are available in metric and imperial thread sizes.

For more details on how to use grease nipples please visit our guides and tips section.

Did you know?

Grease nipples are called Zerk fittings in the USA.

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