Chemical Resins and Accessories

Chemical resins are used when fastening to concrete and other such substrates, usually when a higher degree of flexibility is required. They are commonly used in conjunction with fasteners such as sleeve anchors or drop-in anchors.

The chemical is injected into the hole before the fastener is introduced. As the resin is applied under pressure it automatically finds its way into every surface of the hole. This drives all of the air from the hole, creating a high strength bond when the fastener is inserted.

Projection Resins and Guns

Projection resin is a pump-in resin cartridge system suitable for use in blockwork, stone, concrete and brickwork featuring close to the edge and stress free anchoring. The resin comes in two different sized cartridges options – a 400ml polyester resin in styrene which needs a special applicator gun (code SHG101) or a 300ml styrene-free resin that can be used with a standard silicone gun. The styrene free version should be used when working in poorly ventilated areas. Each resin tube comes complete with a mixer nozzle. Extra nozzles and extension pieces for extra length are also available if required.

Further details regarding resin application can be found in our guides and tips section.

Resin Capsules

Resin capsules are a glass resin capsule that is activated by driving a stud against the capsule with a rotary hammer drill which breaks the glass and activates the resin.

Stud Anchors

Stud anchors are effectively a set length of screwed bar for use with glass capsules. They can also be used with pump-in resin. These stud anchors have a chisel point designed to break the glass and they also feature a guide mark on the stud to ensure that the correct installation depth is achieved when using them in conjunction with glass resin capsules.

Because chemical stud anchors use adhesion rather than expansion there is less chance of the substrate cracking under pressure. This make them suitable for use with shallow slabs and other similar applications.

One other advantage of chemical studs is that small tweaks can be made to the final positioning of the fastener whilst the resin is still curing – unlike mechanical anchors where there is no option for realignment once the initial fix has been made.

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