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About our Riveting Tools

We keep 2 types of hand riveters for setting Blind Rivets:

• Standard Riveter uses a squeeze grip action. It has 4 different head sizes to take rivet sizes 2.4mm,3.2mm,4mm and 4.8mm and includes a spanner to change the head size.
• Our Lazy Tong Riveter uses a concertina type action to do up rivets up to a diameter of 6.4mm.


How do Rivets work?

All Blind Rivets (or Pop Rivets) have a stem called a mandrel. The mandrel is inserted into a rivet gun and the protruding body of the rivet is then pushed into the hole and through the materials that are being fastened. The mandrel is then pulled back using the rivet gun, forcing the sides of the rivet to expand outwards. When the rivet can expand no further the mandrel snaps off, leaving a neat and tidy finish on both surfaces.

In this section

The following is a list of the range of products we stock that are used to fasten to materials together, using riveting, self-clinching, welding or traditional hammering techniques.

  • Blind Rivets (also known as Pop Rivets): they come in a range of different heads that can be used to permanently fasten two materials together.
  • Blind Rivet Nuts are used to create an internal thread in a thin or awkward shaped material: they are commonly used in tubes, box sections and sheet materials.
  • Rivet Bushes (commonly called Hank Bushes): we have Round or Hex options available. They are used to provide a permanent female thread in thin or hard sheet metals without the need for welding.
  • Self-Clinching Fasteners: Studs, Nuts and Standoffs. These versatile fasteners are installed with the use of a press.
  • Weld Studs: used with CD welders used to instantly connect a male threaded stud onto a section of sheet metal.
  • U-Hammer Drives are used in engineering applications. U-Hammer Drive Screws are most often used to permanently fix specification or rating plates to pieces of plant. They are manufactured to BS4174 standard.
  • Solid Rivets: traditional rivets hammered into position. We have various sizes and finishes available in a range of materials.

More details on each range, including installation techniques, are available on the relevant category pages or on our Guides and Tips section.

If you cannot find the size or finish that you require, please contact us as we can generally order most types of fasteners.

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