Tee Nuts - BSW

A tee nut is a nut that has 3 or 4 prongs cast onto a flange on the top of the nut to enable it to be set into wood to give a flush finish to the fastener.

The wood is pre-drilled to the size of the main body of the pronged tee nut and the nut is set into the hole. To obtain the flush finish, you can either hammer the tee nut down into position, or insert a bolt or stud into the tee nut and tighten a nut and washer on the opposing side of the timber, pulling the prongs of the tee nut down into the timber to give the flush finish. Our range consists of multiple metric options ranging from M4 to M10 tee nuts.

BA thread (British association) is a rarely used thread that was once commonly found on small instruments and models. Still sparingly used in some industries such as metering equipment manufacturing and optical equipment.

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