Security Screws

About our Security Machine Screws

Our Security Machine Screws all have a pin located in the middle of the drive to prevent removal with standard tools. There is a choice of Pin Hexagon or Pin Resistorx 6 Lobe drive in all head designs except Pan Head, which are the two-dot snake eye drive design. All are available in a stainless-steel finish.

Why use Security Screws?

Security Screws are simply a variation on our normal types of screws but with a tamper-proof head. They are also sometimes known as Anti-Theft Screws (or Anti-Tamper Screws). Whilst the body of the screw looks identical to others it is a one-way screw: meaning the head has a pattern that cannot be undone with a Slotted, Phillips or Pozidrive screwdriver or bit.

In this section:

The following are the ranges of Security Screw products our customers can choose from:

Security Machine Screws are commonly used in industrial assembly. Choose from four different head types and three styles of security drives.
Security Self-Tapping Screws: there is a choice of pin hexagon or pin resistorx 6 lobe drive, and either button or countersunk heads in a stainless-steel finish.
Security Woodscrews: this is the original security fastener with a unique clutch head.
Shear Nuts are permanent fasteners in metric sizes. Choose from zinc plated or stainless steel.
Security Bit Sets: a 61-piece kit covering all the common security heads plus other more standard bits.

There is more information in each subsection about each type of security screw, so please select an option and read on!

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