Hinges are small mechanisms that are usually seen on doors, cabinets, and gates. They connect the moving leaf to the frame, allowing it to swing open and closed.

We offer a wide range of high-quality hinges for a variety of different applications.

Our range of door hinges includes:

  • Ball bearing hinges – ideal for use on heavy entryway doors
  • Butt hinges – generally used as internal door hinges
  • Concealed hinges – designed to not be seen on furniture
  • Flush hinges – great for saving space, these hinges only require one mortise to be cut into the door
  • Strap hinges – these feature extended hinge flaps
  • Tee hinges – generally used for gates, these hinges feature a long flap on one side and a standard flap on the other
  • Washered hinges - Used in commercial and residential applications to provide smooth movement and little noise on doors

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