Decking Screws

Decking screws are a type of woodscrew with countersunk or hexagon (hex) heads that are commonly used for fastening timber decking to joists. They can also be used for other timber to timber applications.

Our deck screws are supplied with a green organic plating finish. The green organic coating adds additional weather resistance, prolonging the life of the screw.


Decking screws are a type of woodscrew, but they feature a few small but vital differences from standard woodscrews that make them ideal for fixing timber decking to joists.

Firstly, the head of a deck screw features a larger surface area than that of standard woodscrews. This is designed specifically to allow the screw to hold a heavy load, which is important to take into consideration for decking – it doesn’t just have to hold the weight of the timber itself, but also decking furniture and any number of people who are enjoying the decking!

They also feature specially designed threaded shanks to maximise the durability of the screw. This is because decking screws are most often used in outdoor areas that can sometimes be wet, so they need additional support for durability over the years. Deck screw shanks have an aggressive point and sharp threading, which maximises the hold given by the screws once they are installed.

The threading of decking screws is sharp and deep, allowing to easily penetrate the substrate and ensuring that the screw is secured tightly.


Decking screws are supplied in a range of lengths.

Our countersunk decking screws are supplied in three different lengths between 2” and 2¾”.

Our hex head decking screws are supplied in a variety of different length, with the shortest measuring 40mm and the longest 200mm.


There’s no question that decking screws are a strong, durable option for decking fasteners. However, that’s not to say that nails shouldn’t be used, too.

To ensure that your decking installation lasts for years to come, it’s best to utilise a combination of decking screws and nails. While deck screws are best used for fastening the timber decking or balustrades to the joists, nails can be used to attach joists together.

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