Socket Cap Screws

A socket cap screw, or sometimes referred to as a socket head cap screw, features a cylindrical head with a hexagon drive. These are strong screws and the deep drive of a socket cap screw allows for higher torque.

The hexagonal recess means that they are fastened with the use of screwdriver with hexagonal insert bits or simply using an Allen key.

We offer metric and imperial socket cap screws as well as low head socket cap screws for situations that require a reduced head. Both options are high made from alloy steel, grade 12.9, for unbeatable durability.

Please note that A2 and A4 versions are not grade 12.9.

Metric and Imperial Socket Cap Screws

This range of socket cap screws feature the typical head sizes. We do also offer a range of low head socket caps which are to the same standards.

Our socket cap screws are manufactured in both metric and imperial standards as follows.

  • Metric – ISO 4762 DIN 912
  • Imperial – BS2470

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