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About Metric Threaded Rod

Metric Threaded Rod is available in various grades, lengths and finishes including brass, zinc-plated and stainless steel; they are essentially a metal bar made from mild steel or brass that has a helical thread all the way along its length. Metric Rods are manufactured to be installed in areas where they are subjected to high levels of tension and pressure.


Usage of Threaded Rods

Threaded Rod has a variety of different applications. It is commonly used to connect two materials, as well as to add stability to structures by tying them together during construction.

Two lengths of Threaded Rod can be joined together by using Studding Connector Nuts (or Long Nuts) as they are sometimes called.

Please note that full-lengths can be cut as required; more information on this can be found on our Guides and Tips: 'How to cut Threaded Rod'.

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