Self Tapping Screws - Pozidrive Pan Head

Self tapping screws, usually referred to as self tappers, are screws for use when fastening to metal or plastic. The main differentiator of self-tappers is that they eliminate the need for pre-drilling a hole as a separate operation.

Pozidrive pan head self tappers have a raised head which has a flat, level underside to it. Round head fixings were actually designed for fixing against metal surfaces, but they are now commonly used to fix to a variety of rigid surfaces. They are the most commonly used head type in applications where a flush finish is not a necessity.

All that is required to insert a self tapper is a pilot or punched hole to introduce the screw. They then form their own thread as the screw is driven into position. Once inserted, self tapping screws may be removed and re-used.

We stock two different point options for our pozidrive pan head self tapping screws, these are classified as Type AB and Type B.

Type AB has a sharp point on the end (sometimes called a gimlet point) and is commonly used with brittle materials and thin sheet metals. Type AB is the most common type of self tapper for general use.

Type B self tappers are flat and blunt on the end and are commonly used with light and heavy sheet metals (.050 to .200 thick), plastics, plywood and other similar materials. They are also safer to use where the presence of a sharp point is not advisable, i.e. where manual labour is used in large scale factory processing.

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