Woodscrews - Chipboard

Chipboard woodscrews are best when used with softwoods, chipboard, plastics, and some hardwoods. Many builders and carpenters use chipboard screws as their “go-to” screw for general timber use.

Chipboard screws have been purposely designed for fastening into wood. They generally have a thinner shaft and a single coarse thread, which cuts into soft materials quickly. The thread of a chipboard screw is self-tapping - the screws are fully threaded up to and including 75mm in length, anything longer is partially threaded with 70mm of thread.

Chipboard screws have an exceptionally high resistance to pull-out forces.

When it comes to the sizing of chipboard screws it is still very common to find measurements in both metric and imperial. The diameter of a wood screw is either given in a gauge (imperial), or in millimeters (metric). With the imperial gauge, a number is used, i.e. 8 gauge. A larger gauge number means a larger diameter. Screw gauge numbers actually correspond to a particular fraction of an inch in imperial measurements.

Screw lengths are also often shown in either metric or imperial sizes, or sometimes both.

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