Solid Rivets - Round Head

About our Round Head Solid Rivets

A Pan Head (or Round Head) is a domed raised head which has a flat, level underside to it. Round Head fixings were actually designed for fixing against metal surfaces, but they are commonly used to fix to a variety of rigid surfaces. The most commonly used fixing in applications where a flush finish is not a necessity.

Our Solid Rivets are plain shafted with various head styles and material options. Our range of Solid Rivets includes from Countersunk, Flat- and Round- Head types, with a steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium finish.

What are Solid Rivets? 

Solid Rivets are “old school” fixings that join two materials together by using a technique dating back hundreds of years: archaeologists have even discovered antiquities with Solid Rivets that were still working effectively - and have found them on dig sites dating back as far as the Bronze Age!

Installing Solid Rivets

Solid Rivets are most often installed by hammering the headless end of the rivet with a hammer, deforming the end. As the head deforms and mushrooms out the body of the rivet effectively shortens, clamping the materials that are being joined in place; this process makes them a cold rivet, and much easier (and cheaper) to use than hot riveting.

It is possible to hammer the “head” or finished end of a Solid Rivet, but this takes a lot of practice as the material needs to be held off of the anvil slightly whilst hammering.

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