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A hose clamp is a circular shaped metal strip that incorporates a worm screw at one end. As the screw is tightened, the metal strip is pulled through the worm drive, effectively reducing the diameter of the circle and therefore creating an even pressure around the circle on the item being clamped (usually a hose).

Although the correct name for this type of fitting is a worm drive hose clamp, the common name that everyone is familiar with is a Jubilee clip. First patented and manufactured by British company L Robinson and Co in 1921, Jubilee clips are now the generic name for many different types of worm-drive hose clamps all over the world.

A great British success story!

Commander Lumley Robinson, the inventor of the Jubilee clip, served in the Royal Navy during the First World War. One of the ships that he served on was sunk in the North Sea and he survived several hours in the freezing waters before being rescued.

During his time in the Navy he became engrossed with the idea that there must be a better of way of securing the various on-board hoses to their taps and valves. Once he had left the service he spent some time experimenting on a friend’s lathe (Robinson had been an engineer before joining the Navy). When he had developed his first prototype clips, he spent extensive time in London gathering support for his idea.

The rest, as they say, is history! The company that he founded, L Robinson & Co Ltd, is still manufacturing Jubilee Clips in Kent and successfully exporting them all over the world.

Interesting Fact

Nobody knows what prompted Lumley Robinson to use the name “Jubilee” for his clips!

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