Blind Rivet Nuts

What are Blind Rivet Nuts?

Blind Rivet Nuts are used to create an internal thread in thin or awkwardly shaped materials. As they are “blind”, users only need access to the front of the material, making them ideal for use within box sections, tubes and thin sheet materials.

How do you use Blind Rivet Nuts?

To use a Blind Rivet Nut with Threaded Pop Rivets you need a special setting tool, which we stock alongside other rivet tools. The Rivet Nut is inserted into a pre-drilled hole, and the setting tool is screwed into the internal thread (in the rivet hole). The force exerted by tightening this compresses the body of the Rivet Nut, which then collapses outward and squeezes tightly against the back of the material; the setting tool is then unscrewed, leaving the Rivet Nut fixed in position.


About our Blind Rivet Nuts range:

We have various types of blind rivet nuts to go with our blind rivets:

  • Round Thin Sheet – Ideal for use on materials with a reduced thickness. These are sometimes called reduced countersunk as the nut gives a flush finish within a pre-drilled countersunk hole. It is not always necessary to create the countersink if the application does not require it, as round thin sheet rivet nuts will almost fit flush without a countersink.
  • Large Flange Head – the flat-head can be used for load-bearing applications, as the large flange reinforces the hole and increases the push-out resistance. The head can also be used as a spacer.
  • Countersunk Head – this type of rivet nut (also called countersunk rivet nut), has a visible 90 degree countersunk and requires a pre-drilled countersunk hole to enable it to fit flush. This style should not be confused with the Reduced Countersunk Head which has only a slight countersink.
  • Half-Hex Thin Sheet – this type of rivet nut is inserted into a hexagon hole which eliminates the potential problem of the nut turning in the hole after installation.
  • Rivet Nut Tools – we have a wide range of tools available to set all types of rivet nuts into position.
    Please note that we have various material options available within our stock, namely zinc-plated, aluminium or stainless steel.

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