Machine Screws - Pozidrive Raised Countersunk - BSW

A machine screw is a type of screw that is commonly used in industrial and manufacturing applications to secure components within engines, electronic products and general machinery.

Raised countersunk machine screws are similar in design to standard countersunk machine screws, the difference being that they are designed so that the top portion of the head is slightly raised above the level of the substrate.

This type of machine screw has a raised countersunk head with a pozidrive recess for installation with a pozidrive screwdriver or bit.

Our raised countersunk pozidrive machine screws are available in either a zinc plated or stainless-steel finish.

BSW (British Standard Whitworth) is an imperial coarse thread first used in standard production by Joseph Whitworth during the industrial revolution. Whilst it is still used in engineering applications all across the world it is less common in the UK where metric threads have generally taken over.

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