Blind Rivets - Dome - Aluminium Black Painted

A dome head rivet is the most commonly used blind rivet and is generally what you will be given if you ask for a standard rivet. After installation you’ll see a slightly raised, neat domed shaped finish. Our Dome headed rivets come in a choice of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Blind rivets are so called because they can be used to fasten two items together without the operator needing to have access to the rear surface (the blind side) of the items being joined.

Using Blind Rivets

The rivet has a stem called a mandrel. The mandrel is inserted into a rivet gun and the protruding body of the rivet is then pushed into the hole and through the materials that are being fastened. The mandrel is then pulled back, forcing the sides of the rivet to expand outwards. When the rivet can expand no further the mandrel snaps off, leaving a neat and tidy finish on both surfaces.

Blind rivets are also available in other head designs including countersunk, large flange, sealed and triform – each in a range of finishes.

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